Marlik Efficient Computing is a computer programming group founded in July 2018. Marlik group mainly operates in the field of software design and implementation. We are also active in monitoring the design and implementation of software projects.

Name of the group reflects its founder’s belief in the fundamental importance of efficiency in computing as well as his interest to Marlik ancient civilization. Group’s logo is constituted of three ribbons which represent ASCII encoding of letters M, E and C.

Marlik's motto represents the basic principles that are taken seriously by us in software development process. In our view, efficient software should be fast, stable and lightweight. These principles are the main criteria in software architecture, the choice of technologies and implementation methods in Marlik group.

Unlike many other software developers, we are not dependent on the use of existing frameworks and technologies. On the contrary, we try as much as possible to avoid using unreliable technologies and prefer to develop necessary tools ourselves. Contact us to access more information about the Marlik group and its products and services.


Shahin Modares Enshayi

Founder, Computer Programmer
July 2018 – Current

Saeedeh Khaleghi Mehr

Computer Programmer
November 2018 – Current

Amin Salehi

IT Personnel
July 2019 – Current

Farzad Mohammadi

Art Consultant
July 2019 – Current


You can contact us using following information.


  (+9821) 28427464

  (+98) 9055926856



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● The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Version 1.1 ● TELNET Protocol Specification ● HTTP State Management Mechanism ● Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1) ● The WebSocket Protocol

Character Set

● ASCII Characters ● Unicode Arabic Set


Online Validators

● HTML Validator ● CSS Validator ● JavaScript Syntax Validator ● JSON Validator

Online Learning

● W3Schools ● Tutorialspoint ● Stack Overflow

Iranian Universities

● Sharif University of Technology ● University of Tehran

Iranian Research Institutes

● Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences


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